"Neo Nirvana"

Rinda has taken inspiration from the art of Wayang, otherwise known as Shadow Puppet in her native Indonesia to produce a series of innovative prints and silhouettes. She explored the concept of Wayang shapes and created fabric prints using images from the Wayang heroine characters. Her garments feature cut-out effects, and combine neoprene, jersey, cotton, organza and chiffon in a strikingly modern take on a traditional theatrical form. 

Wayang theatres are rarely found in large cities these days, yet they offer a fascinating insight into Indonesian culture. Rinda was keen to use her project to showcase aspects of traditional Indonesian puppet theatre, and to interpret a ‘modern look’ into Indonesian culture and style. She created cut-out garments to reflect the shadows of the theatre and to bring an extra edge to her clothes. She produced her cut-out shapes by combining the main characteristics of a shadow puppet, such as the profiles and arm joints. These shapes were also combined together to make abstract fabric prints. 

She also used a combination of fabrics to bring the cut-outs to life. Neoprene showed off the thickness and texture of the shapes and produced a ‘pop up’ effect. Meanwhile, meshed jersey contrasted with the neoprene to capture shadow effects. 

As for the silhouette, she looks at the shape of wood textures, as being one of the main materials of all kinds of puppets. The circular and organic lines lead to her inspiration at looking at other circular, voluminous silhouettes such as knight’s armour and other structural silhouettes. She also looked at Surrealism concepts to find more inspiration for the shape of the collection, which ranges from dresses, jackets and leggings.