"Hyde Park"

RINDASALMUN presents a collection that combines a sense of playfulness, patriotism and bravery. As part of the RINDASALMUN brand characteristic, this collection aims to define the way that clothes can be at once strong, bold and gallant but also sweet and feminine.

The collection ranges from geometrical cutting on a masculine top with a touch of feminity, playful wave of lines within a sharp silhouette of a monochromatic knee-length coat, the signature tuxedo dresses with bold lines and cutouts that emphasize the women’s curve and contrasting panels of prints and cuttings on cocktail dress and work wear. Skirts and sleeves are somewhat transformable, giving the ultimate experience for the wearer to play around with the unexpected oomph within the silhouette.

Shades of rose pink, pearl white, and black are used variously as counterpoint or a frame, with surrealistic pixelated floral prints of red, black and white along with bold geometrical grids of red and light blue. Fabrics comprise from gabardine, crepe silk, silk charmeuse, duchess silk, denim and jersey with the addition of stretched mesh and organza that gives an illusion of transparency.

The inspirations came from the journey one can obtain during a stroll on a cold winter morning in Hyde Park, the mellifluous sound of the icy breeze while enjoying the vibrant scenery of Londontown. It is about capturing both the liveliness and mystery of the city.