RINDASALMUN takes inspiration from the aesthetic values and forms of shapes and lines from the work of Indonesian sculptor, Faisal Habibi. With the collection, entitled “Pipeline”, Rinda interprets how Faisal can be put into clothing items and became wearable art pieces of their own. By combining her signature design style of bold lines, contrasting panelling, tailoring and craftsmanship on the detailing, with the use of colour and lines from Faisal’s “This Thing” series. 

Colour ranges from the signature use of black and white from every Rinda’s collection to sky blue, crimson red, salmon peach, pastel yellow, pink and nude beige. While fabrics consist of wool, jacquard, cady silk, crepe, synthetic leather and rubber, some which are used by Faisal on his art works. This Fall/Winter collection aims not only for women who appreciates and value art, but also for those who appreciate hidden detailing on clothes, the function of clothing itself and intricacy of handcrafted adornments on clothing pieces.

Silhouettes of tailored dress, skorts, panelled work-shirts, skirts and coats each would have added value on itself, such as the multicolour panelled coats and skirts with french knots detailing as a counterpoint; detachable-sleeves on leather jacket and jumpsuit to create more option for the wearer; to flaps as an additional detailing to cover some part of the back zipper on a jumper. In addition, Faisal has collaborated on some of the looks which include the use of stainless steel pipe, painted in his signature pastel colour of blue, yellow, pink and beige on a wool evening top as well as making a “mini version” of his sculpture into a necklace.

Still upholding the element of feminine meets masculine, and as an interpretation of Faisal’s critic towards the concept of materialism on the use of everyday objects, the aim is still based on the wearability of each pieces of this collection. Each of them has to be easy-to-wear and easy-to-mix and match.