RINDASALMUN turns to her interpretation of looking at landscape and earth mapping from an aerial view standpoint. When nature and landscape would no longer viewed as its organic form, rather than a series of lines and dots as a result from its aerial photographic image, which are ultimately distorted and became an abstract but rather accurate and neat composition. Inspiration also came from Paul Klee’s paintings, mainly of how the artists explores on colour, tonality and his use of geometric shapes.


The collection ranges from the signature colour blocking paneled tops, tailored dress and blazers with ruffle accents inspired from coastal lines on aerial view, contrasting paneling and layering on skirts, dress and the use of sharp silhouettes on jacket and trousers. “Mapping” was one of the keyword used upon constructing the patterns of each piece of garment. It is about mapping and re-engineering nature to frame the female body.  Most pieces in this collection are presented in a formal and feminine manner with a touch of the on-trend street style vibes.


Fabric consists of cotton wool, drill, crepe wool, crepe silk, gabardine, cady silk and hand-woven tenun lurik, a type of hand-woven fabric from the rural area of Garut, West Java, Indonesia include with detailings of the Rinda Salmun signature hand embroidery craftmanships such as French knots, running stitch and other handcrafted meticulous detailings. Prints of distorted tone of colours and lines derived from the designer’s own painting became the counterpoint in between shades of oxblood red, black, navy blue, white, yellow and dark emerald green.


As part of the brand characteristic that experiments on the synergy of contrasting elements through the use of art works into fashion, the collection is about the placements of lines and colours composition on the women’s body as though it is the canvas. Whilst still upholding to the element of feminine meets masculine, the objective of the collection is based on the wearability of each pieces of the collection. Each of them has to be easy-to-wear and easy to mix and match.