RINDASALMUN presents a collection that combines a sense of playfulness yet a sense of maturity in appealing the women's body. As part of the brand characteristic, which plays around the synergy of contrasting elements through the use of art works into fashion, this collection aims to define the way that clothes can be at once strong, bold and gallant but also sweet and feminine. The collection ranges from organic cutting and playful wave of lines within a sharp silhouette of a blazer and tailored pants, the signature panelled tops with bold lines and cutouts that emphasize the women's curve, contrasting panels of prints and cuttings on cocktail dress and work wear. Skirts ae presented in a formal and feminine manner with a touch of sporty detailing.

Shades of rose pink, grey, pearl white, and black are used variously as counterpoint or a frame, with prints of surrealistic coral and sea creature shapes, inspired from Dale Chihuly's glass-blowing artworks and life within a marine park. Black and white along with bold organic lines of beige, peach and light blue were among the colours that are used. Fabrics comprise from lace brocade, gabardine, crepe silk, duchess silk and jersey with experimentation on lace patchwork and cutouts with leather binding and embellishments. The inspiration came from the magnificent of sea life, the soft pastel colour of coral reefs and surrealistic sea creatures that brings contrasting elements to the deep blue sea. Especially enthused from coral reefs and marine parks of Bunaken, Ambon and the sea surrounding the nation of Indonesia, this collection is about capturing both the soft yet mystical character of life underwater.