RINDASALMUN takes inspiration from several aesthetic values and forms of shapes and lines. From Neoplasticism art, in particular the work of German painter Imi Knoebel, whose works focuses on the composition of abstract, colours and lines, to the architecture trend in the 1920’s style buildings in Bandung, especially the Savoy Homann hotel which were also highly influenced by Art Deco movement.


The collection ranges from the signature colour blocking paneled tops with bold lines, sharp silhouettes of blazer and tailored shorts, cutouts and lines that emphasize the women’s curve, contrasting panels of colours and cuttings on cocktail dress and work wear. Most pieces are presented in a formal and feminine manner with a touch of the on-trend street style vibe.


This season, Rinda aims to promote and support the work of Indonesian craftsmen for their work and dedication on producing sustainable and delicate all-hand woven textiles in the rural area of Garut, West Java, Indonesia, commonly known as Tenun Garut. With several types of tenun, the fabric of this collection comprises from the wooly textured of Tenun Garut, patterned woven Tenun to multi-coloured woven Tenun.  Other fabrics also include machine-woven Tenun for more of the mass market produce, gabardine, patterned mesh, cady silk and cotton. In addition, the collection also adds the brand's signature hand embroidery such as french knots and other hand-stitched meticulous detailing. Shades of light salmon pink, oxblood red, lime green, pearl white, and black are used variously as counterpoint or a frame.


As part of the brand characteristic that experiments on the synergy of contrasting elements through the use of art works into fashion it is about the placements of lines and colours composition on the women’s body as though it is the canvas. Whilst still upholding to the element of feminine meets masculine, the objective of the collection is based on the wearability of each pieces of the collection. Each of them has to be easy-to-wear and easy to mix and match.