The collection is inspired from the designer's recent favourite destination, Cornwall, an English country situated in the southwestern tip of England. The area is known for their beautiful coast, seaside resorts and picturesque harbour village. 


Arts of the late 60's to the early 70's also played a big role on the inspiration for this collection. From bright colors and wild patterns to outlandish inventions, this era were anything but quiet. One of the most popular late 60s artist was, Frank Stella, who, in particular became the main artist focus for Rinda's research. Rinda took in her observation of Stella's work through his body of work and aesthetic value. He was influenced greatly by jazz music and intrigued by the fact that jazz music is a syncopation, which is when the melodies sound offbeat and a bit unexpected, everything seemed irregular and strange. And this is what Rinda took in when creating the silhouette and shapes of her ready-to-wear pieces; that offbeat feel of irregularities on shape. Stella's masterpiece of the Irregular polygons are seen on irregular symmetry shapes on tops and shirts, irregular cutting on patterns, irregular hemline on skirts and blazers and so forth. 


Since the collection is also greatly derived from the designer's roadtrip experience as written above, she also extended the inspiration into a travelling theme - a collection that might also be suitable for holiday-wear.


Colours consists of navy blue, white, peachy pink, coral, sky lavender and sandy brown. Rinda also included colours from Cornish poster artist, Becky Bettesworth work of art, and created her own signature artwork of grids of prints that resembles post stamps and tropical florals. 


Pieces range from broad shoulder vest top in cotton drill, draped detailing on dresses in wool, asymmetrical cotton tops, cutout sleeves, crepe and satin silk crisp shirt to the signature piece of asymmetrical skirts and tailoring. Detailing include cords from that of a sailor uniform and cargo pockets from an explorer outfit.


For this collection, RINDASALMUN is also adding accessories pieces in collaboration with a newly launched leather goods label, Casual Sinner which has a strong eye on quality craftsmanship yet keeping it young and accessible. 


This collection is presented for women  who are up for a trip of their lifetime, going to a tropical place, sightseeing or relaxing in their holiday homes during the day, and going out and partying at night in a more relaxed manner. Even when it's not intended to be worn during the holiday, our signature pieces are always sought for the dynamic women in the metropolis for a day-to-night outfit. 


The bold yet elegant pieces are a mix of the brand's design character; and where masculinity and femininity also occurs together in harmony. After all, INTREPID is a definition for an individual who is gallant, bold, daring, adventurous and fearless. Just what a RINDASALMUN women is all about.