The Brand

RINDASALMUN is an ethical premium women’s fashion label that was first established in 2010 and is  based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The objectivity in creating the brand is to create "wearable art”; creating and experimenting on art forms through the medium of clothing. Also, experiment on art forms through the medium of clothing whilst maintaining and minimising waste and carbon footprint As. a painter and designer, Rinda’s inspirations comes from a mix between the world of fine art and fashion with influences in contemporary fashion trends, which are applied on the the experimentation of colours, connections of strong bold lines and shapes, illustrations on fabric prints within a style, that accentuates a women's curve and usually by revealing just enough to the imagination; edgy-sultry yet trendy and modernly conservative.

It aims to provide fashion collections for young to middle age urban women, within the middle and upper class, whose lives are closely connected with the creative world and/or fine arts, architecture, fashion, music and contemporary culture.

The brand has a design philosophy that is rooted in the designer’s fine arts background. by creating and experimenting on art forms through the medium of clothing for everyday wear; as well as to create a fashionable and conceptual collection for high end ready-to-wear.

The RINDASALMUN collections are about defining the ways in which clothes can be at once strong, bold and rather masculine, but also sweet and feminine.

The brand now aims to incorporate a more eco-friendly approach and therefore integrating a new development of artisan fabric from textile waste within the studio from previous collections and projects, along with wastes from our surrounding local CMT's into a newly woven material in traditional weaving practice. 

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Rinda Salmun

Rinda gained her bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, where she specializes in experimental painting and aesthetic studies. However, fashion has always been one of her greatest interest, in which, she would use some fashion-influenced elements into her paintings. She then completed her Masters degree in Fashion at Ravensbourne College, London where she explored and experimented more on the correlation between fashion and art.

Rinda’s experiences include working in the fashion industry in Indonesia, Singapore, and London. From Giles Deacon, Giorgio Armani, Natascha Stolle. Her work was selected at several prestigious global fashion events, such as Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week 2010 and Ringstrassen Gallerien Award in Vienna, Austria, Jakarta Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Stylo Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Indonesia Fashion Week, Blueprint Singapore, Taipei in Style, Taiwan, L.A. Fashion Week, and many more.

Her collections has been featured in several fashion media in the UK, US, and Indonesia. Rinda has also been featured as one of the designer to watch in the future from a German based publisher in a co ee-table book called, Alt Cramer’s Fashion 2, that was published in 2012.